Ice Diaper

This brand new Toyhippo edition is a gift to a dear friend. It's dedicated not only to her, but to all the new mothers in the world that would love nothing more than to fill an adult diaper with ice and sit in it after child birth.

Specs: 9"x12" acrylic, latex, & paint marker


Belated Update

Man, we're terrible at keeping you guys updated if we don't have absolutely pertinent news to share. Here's to changing that.

Been a nice extended break since our Hit Rewindies show last year. We took some much needed R&R and we're hoping to be a lot more active in terms of posting on here. We've got little bits of art here and there we make on the side, and projects we're involved with from time to time we'd love to be able to share more often.

Since our last show, we took some time off from constant art making, finished off the Undertow Jordan Super.Fly auctions on eBay (raising a nice chunk of change for charity), did some traveling, and one of us even has a new baby girl. So life's changed quite a bit.

We're also excited we've got a new Instagram account so we can post random Utow pics as we've got 'em. Jump on board and follow us @undertowdesign. Continue to stay tuned to our Facebook page as well, as we'll likely post a lot of important updates there that will inform what we post here. Or possibly vice versa. Who knows, just stay tuned already.

Thanks for supporting us and here's to some awesome projects for the rest of 2013!



October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so we're going pink again. I believe this is our 3rd year doing this, and it's an honor. We've all had a close loved one deeply impacted by breast cancer. It's the least we can do for all the survivors and fighters out there. Have a great month!


Hit Rewindies Photos

Finally got around to posting some pics of the Hit Rewindies show on our Facebook page. Go give them a look. Thanks again to Ray Hall for snapping half of those. They all look great, and a fun time was had by all. We're in the midst of wrapping up of the final elements of the auctions for the Undertow Jordan.Superfly's. The auctions are complete, so now we're just confirming the orders of the winning bidders and getting their shoes produced. Thanks to all who bought a pair, you're gonna love the box presentation and the proceeds will be benefitting Portland Parks & Rec!


Hit Rewindies Recap Content

Here's a pretty short little recap vid of the Hit Rewindies show last Thursday. Thanks to Ray and Tony for their help throwing this together.

Undertowdesign Jordan 2012 from Tony on Vimeo.

And you can also check out a few pics here on Ray's site. Thanks again for the photos, they turned out awesome. That autograph wall is a thing of beauty.


Jordan Super.Fly Pack for eBay is LIVE

The first of 23 sets of the Jordan Super.Fly packs for our Hit Rewindies show is now live on eBay. Click on the header above to go through to the auctions. All the details that you will need are on each auction page. Not all 23 sets will be listed at the time, as we will be debuting each set in waves over the next few days. Go grab some sick sneaks and let's raise some money for Portland Parks and Recreation!


Hit Rewindies Jordan Super.Fly Pack UPDATE

Hey everyone, so here's the scoop. Due to some extremely last-minute and unforeseen circumstances, the UTOW Basketball hat had to be pulled from the Jordan Super.Fly pack that will be debuting at the Hit Rewindies show and up for auction starting on Friday, July 6th. Bummer, we know, but there will be two pairs of killer socks in the pack still, and of course the Super.Fly's. It was never really about the hat anyway, as the shoes were pretty much 99% of what makes the pack rad.

We photographed the new kit last night and it looks amazing. Can't wait to show it off at the show tomorrow night, as everyone's lids are gonna flip.

We're still very excited to try and raise as much money as we can for Portland Parks and Recreation, as 100% of the proceeds of these 23 packs will be benefitting them. It means a lot to have the Jordan Brand helping with us in that respect. The photo of the updated kit is below, and thanks to all of you for your understanding and support

See you tomorrow night and Happy Independence Day!


Jordan Super.Fly Pack Released

Got the thumbs up to drop these images for our Hit Rewindies show next Thursday at IDL's Gallery 135. Up for auction will be 23 individual packs of what you see below: The Jordan Super.Fly, a snapback cap, and some socks. The photos came out great, so we're pretty stoked here. A lot of hard work came together for this art show and we're nearly there. This Hit Rewindies pack aided by the Jordan Brand just tops it off with a super rad colorway and kit that we're humbled to present. It's been a total blast working with the Jordan Brand and IDL on this upcoming show.

Also want to remind everyone about the banner up top, which mentions that the auctions start a day after the show on July 6th, and ALL the proceeds will be donated to Portland Parks & Recreation.


15 Days Left

2 weeks and a day until the Hit Rewindies show. Stuff has been crazy busy the few weeks, but it's been fun. We're super excited for the show and can't thank Aaron, Ben, Bryan, Michael, Jake, & all of IDL enough for the amount of work and effort they've put in to making this a blow out. Still a lot of minor loose ends to tie up before the ball drops, but all in all it's going to be good to go. Can't wait to see everyone on July 5!



Here's the event info. 'Nuff said. Take a good look and be there.