Belated Update

Man, we're terrible at keeping you guys updated if we don't have absolutely pertinent news to share. Here's to changing that.

Been a nice extended break since our Hit Rewindies show last year. We took some much needed R&R and we're hoping to be a lot more active in terms of posting on here. We've got little bits of art here and there we make on the side, and projects we're involved with from time to time we'd love to be able to share more often.

Since our last show, we took some time off from constant art making, finished off the Undertow Jordan Super.Fly auctions on eBay (raising a nice chunk of change for charity), did some traveling, and one of us even has a new baby girl. So life's changed quite a bit.

We're also excited we've got a new Instagram account so we can post random Utow pics as we've got 'em. Jump on board and follow us @undertowdesign. Continue to stay tuned to our Facebook page as well, as we'll likely post a lot of important updates there that will inform what we post here. Or possibly vice versa. Who knows, just stay tuned already.

Thanks for supporting us and here's to some awesome projects for the rest of 2013!

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