Hit Rewindies Jordan Super.Fly Pack UPDATE

Hey everyone, so here's the scoop. Due to some extremely last-minute and unforeseen circumstances, the UTOW Basketball hat had to be pulled from the Jordan Super.Fly pack that will be debuting at the Hit Rewindies show and up for auction starting on Friday, July 6th. Bummer, we know, but there will be two pairs of killer socks in the pack still, and of course the Super.Fly's. It was never really about the hat anyway, as the shoes were pretty much 99% of what makes the pack rad.

We photographed the new kit last night and it looks amazing. Can't wait to show it off at the show tomorrow night, as everyone's lids are gonna flip.

We're still very excited to try and raise as much money as we can for Portland Parks and Recreation, as 100% of the proceeds of these 23 packs will be benefitting them. It means a lot to have the Jordan Brand helping with us in that respect. The photo of the updated kit is below, and thanks to all of you for your understanding and support

See you tomorrow night and Happy Independence Day!

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