Diving Right In


So I guess this is the first official post on our new site. It's pretty exciting. Undertow has been a long time in the works and it's nice to finally get our feet wet (shameless). From concepting, to designing, to planning and preparing, it's satisfying to finally feel some accomplishment with how far we've brought it even up to this very undeveloped point. It seems like it took us a good half a year to even get our name and logo nailed down, and that all started two years ago. Yeah, there was a lot of staring at sketch books, mocking each others' ideas, crying ourselves to sleep, and overall exhaustion of creativity along the road to this point. But we wouldn't have had it any other way with how much that hard work has paid off.

We're already really busy with working on new artwork to come, as well as planning our first art show sometime in the early part of summer. We will make sure to throw out any new developments out on the blog here to keep our die-hard fans (yes I said it) posted. You can check out the links on the right side of the page for artwork of each character. More links will be added under the "undertow misc" section as more items are developed. I will be posting soon about our Undertow Art & Concepts book that we put together a couple months ago, and I also plan on profiling each Undertow character in an attempt to pull back the curtain on each of their qualities and personalities.

A facebook page is in the works as well, so make sure you are on top of that whenever it comes available and become a "fan" as they say around all the cool crowds, I've noticed.

I think that is all for now. Should be fun. Stay tuned for more and thanks for your initial support if in fact you do have any. If not, I truly apologize. Go make your own anti-aquatic animals and try to ruin our lives if it makes you feel better.


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