Art & Concepts Book

A couple months ago, we wanted to throw together a small book with just some general ideas and concepts for new works of art. Most of the designs in the book were pretty much only in the computer, save for a couple that have actually been executed so far. The overall intention of this book was to actually get something in print that we can show to prospective galleries while making art for an eventual show. It's a little bit of a chicken or the egg kind of deal. I need to get art, but there is no show yet. I need a show, but I have no art. You get the idea.

The book was covered in a blue fabric-y (scientific term) material that we lasered the crap out of, and then to top it off we put pages in it for good measure! The first half of the book is a section with Ohb designs, and the second half features Toyhippo. We did use a double-sided matte paper that is honestly way too thick for this, but we had a box of it lying around so we put it to use. Having a nice inkjet printer and some hunnies around for encouragement helps. Also some vodka.

Check out the photo gallery of the book HERE. Or you can use the link on the right side of the page.

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