Toys In The Attic Show: Screenprints

There's a killer art show going on December 3rd in Minneapolis called Toys In The Attic. It's a printed poster and art show benefiting Toys For Tots. Each artist(s) was requested to make their prints 12"W x 12"H, and based around a toy theme for the show. With us at Undertow being so watery and all, we ran with our own version of Super Soaker guns that we all remember and love. Our version was called the Undertow Blaster, and each Utow character has their own gun. Each print is a set of 15 for the show, and are 2 colors each: 1 character-specific color, and a subtle gloss pattern.

Check out a few pics below, and you can check out the entire album on our facebook page. Like I said, there's a set of 15 for each print for the show, but we may have additional prints later for sell on our site after the show.

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