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Good news humans. You can now buy artwork, apparel, and merchandise from our site. It took a little while longer than we wanted, but we were able to finally get some of our swag on here for sale. If you take a look at the links column to the right, you'll see the BUY STUFF section where you can inquire about artwork for sale, our two Utow tees, and the Utow character rings for the ladies (or men with small fingers). The two tees in the apparel section feature the black event tee from our Testing The Waters exhibit, as well as the cyan blue tee that we also sold at the exhibit, but is not an event tee exclusively. Perhaps that made sense, just check em out. We have a limited supply left of the cyan ones so get one now. All purchases from our site directly uses paypal.

As far as the artwork for sale goes, currently we only have Toyhippo art pieces up for purchasing. We are working on getting Ohb and Whalington pieces up as soon as possible, so art from all characters can be inquired about and purchased.

Additionally, we've placed a link to our Testing The Waters exhibit under the CREATIVE section in the links column now as well. Definitely worth browsing if you haven't seen photos of the event.

I think that's it for now. Hopefully more updates to come when more art becomes available.

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