Undertow Air Jordan 2010's

Felt like this topic needed a post to itself. If you made it out to our Testing The Waters art show last night, you're well aware of our only public edition of the AJ2010's we were auctioning off for St. Mary's. We were lucky to collaborate with the Jordan Brand on this project, and they turned out pretty awesome.

They've been getting some attention around the digital interweb since our show. A few posts on them here, here, and here. Like I said, as of right now these were the only pair available to the public and were successfully auctioned off at our show last night at Nemo. So they're all gone. However, I'm not sure what's happening with them in the future or if more may be released at some point. I suppose that is TBD.

For now though, we're posting a handful of photos of them for people who may be curious. The shoes themselves rock, but even more so when placed in our little aquarium tank display we built for the show.

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