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Toyhippo here. It's past 2 AM Saturday morn and I'm still up illustrating stuff for some art. Felt the need to put down some thoughts a bit on Undertow in general. That, and I've been unable to pry myself away from cataloging my entire C&C Music Factory album collection all evening.

But I digress. For those of you that aren't aware, we've got our first art show coming up on Friday, June 4th. It's less than two months away now. It's a daunting feeling, but very exciting. We've got several surprises up our sleeves...err..tentacles....fins..? Anyway, we're gonna let it all hang out because once you're in the animal kingdom, you have no shame.

I think a lot of the surprises we've got are going to blow some peoples' minds. We all can't wait to just get in there and execute all the ideas we have. We actually had to get together and whittle down a lot of them because it was beginning to be overwhelming. Could have turned into a circus very easily. It still might actually, but hopefully it's a tame, well-coordinated circus.

We're gonna have lots of art (shocking), merchandise, free snacks, free drinks, prize giveaways, and a lot more that I so badly want to divulge to everyone right now, but I'm having to practice some serious restraint. I mean it's gonna be June, weather is likely to be beautiful, we'll probably have the roll-up door open, and it's possible my pants will come off at some point if the ladies (or Garth) play their cards right.

Overall though, I think we want to just have a big reason to celebrate the 3 of us finally getting together and doing something we all love doing. We've talked about having an art show with our own work for a few years now, and now we're actually doing it. It's been a huge blessing for us to even have this opportunity.

Client work is great, but our personal art is something that really reflects our passions and personalities to the point where you really have a vested interest in each piece you create. I know for me, each of my pieces revolves around a personal event that I experienced or observed. That will make it even more fun to see other people interact with those experiences and see what sticks and what doesn't. It's going to be a learning experience for all of us that we can all soak in.

Anyway, it's getting too late for this crap. I'm so tired that this is starting to feel like a drunk, rambling, facebook message or something that I would really regret the next morning. Have a whale (yes) of a weekend and don't forget the date, June 4th. We reserve the right to choke, tailwhip, or bite in half anyone we know that pulls a no-show.

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