Undertow also gives back to the ladaaayyys....

As you all know, the three of us creatures at Utow have always had a strong presence in the hearts and minds of all the females out there. This is especially true during mating season when we each swim for warmer waters in hopes of finding another dame to accept our request to bump n grind before turning on us and trying to eat us. Such a bummer when broads be gettin' all territorial.

Anyways, the hunnies are sure to love our latest accessory: Undertow character rings. The pics below are still prototypes for now, but final versions will be available at our Nemo art show (June 4th) and can be purchased as a set. What makes them cool is the ability to layer the rings with their translucency, especially with the ocean wave ring that can be added to any character to create a mini scene.

These creations will be coming to you courtesy of Ohb himself. His 8 limbs + 1 sq ft of colored acrylic per limb + secret magic tricks = about 800 rings in 5 minutes. Take a gander at the photos below and get ready to wear all 4 rings on all 20 fingers at the same time.

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