Flickr Hates Undertow

So as many if you who follow UTow know, we've been ghetto-rigging our image hosting for a while by just linking to our Flickr sets in an effort to A. just make this easier on us since we like to have our art on Flickr anyway and B. save time by not having to upload our stuff to another site in addition to Flickr. Well this may all be changing soon as it appears Flickr will not allow us to simply link to our sets without getting an error screen that looks like this:

We haven't really found out a way around it, so we're gonna have to find a way to host our images elsewhere I suppose. Annoying. For the time being you can still follow through to the art by clicking on the "please click here" link that still takes you to whichever set you clicked on. Sorry for the inconvenience, we're working on a solution, except Ohb who won't stop clogging Whalington's blowhole with his tentacles.

If anyone has a good suggestion on a simple site to host images, do drop a line.

1 comment:

  1. You gotta make the link open in new window or it'll open in your blogger frame (which flickr doesn't like).

    I used to be pretty nerdy so if you need some help with that let me know. I'm right over here.